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Born in Subotica, Serbia. Currently 39. Living in Szeged, Hungary and working as a software developer.

In my free time I am usually busy with demoscene, pixel art, drawing/painting, cycling, running, dragon boating, travelling/hiking, books, movies, and going to football matches.

I speak Hungarian and Serbian natively, and English on a relatively high level.

The main values I try to live by in all aspects of my life are rationality, openness, sincere communication, modesty, purity, patience, resourcefulness and humble dignity towards traditions.


essential development During my career I have met with Python, Perl, C#, ActionScript and Ruby for shorter or longer periods, but I work most quickly and efficiently with PHP (15+ years of active practice) coupled with MySQL, Bootstrap, SASS/LESS and jQuery. Of course, I'm open to new tech but I'm not a magpie developer, I don't get easily distracted by shiny things. I tend to focus on easily adaptable, well-documented, entrenched, lightweight and clear-cut foundations when I build applications, and keep complexity to a minimum where possible. I am a strong proponent of the KISS, the YAGNI, and the DRY principles. Also, I don't try to fix things which ain't broken.

frameworks 6+ years of experience with CodeIgniter - made a lot of custom solutions and a CMS/E-commerce engine in it, but moved forward to the absolutely lovely Laravel/Lumen, which is now my PHP framework of choice. Had slight contacts with Symfony and Yii as well.

content management systems I am acquainted with ExpressionEngine, Joomla, Textpattern, a little bit with Drupal, but I am the most familar with WordPress.

version control Git of course, but worked a lot with Subversion in the past as well.

browser optimization I tend to optimize sitebuilds for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE11+, but I could also support IE8+ or any exotic/non-popular browser if required.

indirectly related to development Have advanced SEO skills. Savvy with Photoshop and Illustrator. Not an expert by any means, but I'm no stranger to Linux (both GUI and CLI) neither.



Industry Entertainment, Serbia

Graphics, level-design and QA for a game-development company for handheld platforms (mainly PalmOS, but also Symbian and Windows Mobile not to be confused with Windows Phone). I was also responsible for some of the produced games' microsites.


Self-employed freelancer based in Serbia

Learnt basic PHP, MySQL and in parallel, built a portal/directory of local businesses called 024info, which later became quite successful and was aquired by a marketing company. Unfortunately, it was let to die in late '06.


Arteska International, Serbia

One of the biggest beverage-producing companies in Serbia at the time. Maintained and developed the intranet and several public websites of the company. During this period, as a hobby-project, I've also created the engine of Serbia's first collaborative blog, WeBlog.co.yu.


Self-employed freelancer based in Serbia and Hungary

Worked mainly with foreign employers. Created and maintained over 50 sites. A lot of them were based on my custom built CMS/E-commerce engine. Helped several successful E-commerce startups. Started to learn SEO, and achieved outstanding results in the region for several sites. Developed, optimized and maintained one of the most successful gadget webshops in the region.
In 2011, I have moved to Budapest, Hungary. With the help of my custom built CMS/E-commerce engine, I have put down the foundations of the webshop of OfficeShoes, one of Central Europe's biggest shoe retailers. Managed its SEO, and did some maintaining and consulting too. Also made a web-based PDF reader, which mimics Sumatra PDF's functionality.


Evista Creative Agency, Hungary

Moved to Szeged, Hungary. Worked as a developer in a quite versatile environment. I was mostly engaged in backend programming, but I also did frontend tasks whenever it was needed.


Self-employed freelancer based in Hungary

Had a little pause from office work and tried to catch up with some stuff I have neglected in the previous years.


Nexum, Hungary

I was part of the team which is responsible for the development of Profession, Hungary's leading job search website.


CAS Software Kft., Hungary

Currently I am working on a web based content management system which incorporates around 70 German radio and TV stations. Mainly responsible for backend, less frontend and a bit of DevOps as well.

freelance work

Rate: $20/h

Generally available for consultation/work:
17:00-21:00 CET (UTC +1)
08:00-21:00 CET (UTC +1) on weekends



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